I’m just home from my first visit to Albufeira, Portugal and it was different to what I had imagined. The Algarve has become a massively popular tourist destination in recent decades for obvious reasons, particularly the gorgeous beaches and food. Thus, I didn’t expect Albufeira to be the quiet fishing village is once was. There… Continue reading Portugal

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Ways Students Can Make Money

Your university years can be the most fun years of your life, but they can also be your poorest. For the majority of students, university means loans, debt, budgeting, and bargain booze. There’s more tumbleweed than money in your bank account and your diet consists mostly of Ramen noodles. Working and studying can be hard.… Continue reading Ways Students Can Make Money


Desenzano, Lake Garda

Along with our two weeks at Luogomano, Lake Garda was the highlight of our trip. Daniel has visited many times before, but this was my first experience. We booked the train up as a last minute decision, which cost about 27 euro each way. At the time, we were staying with my brother in Ca… Continue reading Desenzano, Lake Garda



Alright, so Florence was doomed from the beginning because it just so happened that we were visiting on the hottest day of the day year. Apparently the temperature got up to 42 degrees in the shade, which was amplified by the narrow streets of Florence and the buildings which radiated heat even after the sun… Continue reading Florence



As our trip went on, the temperature crept up. By the time we reached Rome, we had pretty much accepted the constant layer of moisture that sat on our bodies. We stayed in a camping village on the outskirts of Rome called Plus Camping Roma, The place got a fab write up on hostelbookers… Continue reading Rome

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First time HelpX: Luogomano

We had heard a lot about HelpX; from those who had had wonderful, life changing experiences, to those who were practically forced into slave labour. Luckily, our experience turned out to be the former. Luogomano was perched on the hills outside Florence, but our original host was at Lake Orta, near Milan. They cancelled on… Continue reading First time HelpX: Luogomano