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Ways Students Can Make Money

Your university years can be the most fun years of your life, but they can also be your poorest. For the majority of students, university means loans, debt, budgeting, and bargain booze. There’s more tumbleweed than money in your bank account and your diet consists mostly of Ramen noodles. Working and studying can be hard.… Continue reading Ways Students Can Make Money

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First time HelpX: Luogomano

We had heard a lot about HelpX; from those who had had wonderful, life changing experiences, to those who were practically forced into slave labour. Luckily, our experience turned out to be the former. Luogomano was perched on the hills outside Florence, but our original host was at Lake Orta, near Milan. They cancelled on… Continue reading First time HelpX: Luogomano

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Our whirlwind stay in Milan began with two expensive taxi rides: the first took us no where near our hostel, the second was because we had given up with navigating the city. Milan, or Italian cities in general, have not been particularly back-packer friendly. There is a distinct lack of signage or directions and the… Continue reading Milan

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W. Somerset Maugham and a Car Crash

On a beautiful Friday morning, I was driving into Uni to sit an exam. I had only slept for a few hours the night before, and had subsequently drank enough caffeine the next morning to at least make me feel like I was prepared for the horror which was scheduled for 2pm. So I was… Continue reading W. Somerset Maugham and a Car Crash


Sustainable Fashion and ASOS: ‘Green Room: The Eco Edit’

Since cutting meat from my diet for ethical reasons, I felt it contradictory to wear leather, make-up tested on animals and clothes made in sweatshops. But the unfortunate truth is I have found it harder to find reasonably priced, good clothes on the UK high street than giving up parma ham. In fact it’s just… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion and ASOS: ‘Green Room: The Eco Edit’