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Judy’s Vintage Fair – Glasgow

  Judy’s Vintage Fair came to The Briggait in Glasgow today. This travelling collection of pop up vintage stalls has a good reputation. Although Glasgow has some fantastic vintage shops (Starry Starry Night, Mr Ben’s etc), they can be quite overpriced. To me, the charm of raiding throw racks to find a fantastic vintage item… Continue reading Judy’s Vintage Fair – Glasgow

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Ways Students Can Make Money

Your university years can be the most fun years of your life, but they can also be your poorest. For the majority of students, university means loans, debt, budgeting, and bargain booze. There’s more tumbleweed than money in your bank account and your diet consists mostly of Ramen noodles. Working and studying can be hard.… Continue reading Ways Students Can Make Money

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W. Somerset Maugham and a Car Crash

On a beautiful Friday morning, I was driving into Uni to sit an exam. I had only slept for a few hours the night before, and had subsequently drank enough caffeine the next morning to at least make me feel like I was prepared for the horror which was scheduled for 2pm. So I was… Continue reading W. Somerset Maugham and a Car Crash

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Frosty Walks

Not far from where I live, there’s an old country lodge called Chatelherault where the Duke of Hamilton maintained a lavish residence purely for the use of a hunting. The ruins of Cadzow castle lie on the grounds, which are utterly beautiful, and perfect for long winter walks with the dogs. I think we all… Continue reading Frosty Walks

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Winter in Glasgow

You may or may not have heard about the truly devastating accident which happened in Glasgow last December. A bin lorry crashed into the street in George Square and there were many fatalities. The news of the incident was horrifying for us all, but the solidarity and hopefulness of the Glaswegian people helped ease the… Continue reading Winter in Glasgow

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Why Independence is a necessity

This almost moved me to tears. An incredible speech at a Scottish Parliament Committee made by Dennis Curran from the group Loaves and Fishes. Any time anyone tells you UKOK you should be showing them this video. Any time anyone tells you we need the UK to be looking after our welfare system, show them…

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10 Realities of University

1. Fitting In Without sounding too proud, I didn’t think this would be a problem as I’m generally quite a chatty, confident person. Little did I know that my first day of Uni would be spent floating around some benches, pretending to read a book in the gaps between classes, desperately looking around for others… Continue reading 10 Realities of University