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Judy’s Vintage Fair – Glasgow



Judy’s Vintage Fair came to The Briggait in Glasgow today. This travelling collection of pop up vintage stalls has a good reputation. Although Glasgow has some fantastic vintage shops (Starry Starry Night, Mr Ben’s etc), they can be quite overpriced. To me, the charm of raiding throw racks to find a fantastic vintage item that is massively overpriced defeats the point.

In fact, popular vintage collections like Urban Outfitters Renewal and ASOS Marketplace are overpriced too. The fun of scouring for preloved, unique items is ruined when the price is higher than what you would pay for a similar item which is brand new. That’s not to say that mass produced clothing in high street retailers is of a better quality than vintage clothes, because often it’s not. But if something is 20, 30, 40 years old, there’s going to be a little wear and tear and you expect the price to reflect that. And, sadly, recycling clothes and buying vintage is a fantastic environmentally friendly way to update your wardrobe without the guilt and waste that comes with fast fashion. Too often the inflated price of vintage turns potential consumers away and back to the high street.

Enter Judy’s Vintage Fair. Today, Rachel and I did find some very reasonably priced high quality vintage clothes. Rachel got an immaculate navy cord Levi’s jacket for £30. That particular stall had a done of reworked Levi’s jackets, jeans, skirts and shorts which they claim they buy from the same stockists as Urban Outfitters. The difference was, a pair of shorts was £22, against UO’s £38.

I picked up an 80’s dark grey oversized silk bomber jacket for £21 and a little silk bandana to wear as a scarf for £2 (these things are coming back around, check here). Rachel also picked up a green velvet Peter Pan collar dress for £20.

The whole event was clearly very successful. The stalls were well chosen, great variety of stock and good prices. There was some loud Motown music being played and a cake stall. All good things, if you can put up with the communal changing room.





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