Desenzano, Lake Garda

Desenzano Old Harbour

Along with our two weeks at Luogomano, Lake Garda was the highlight of our trip. Daniel has visited many times before, but this was my first experience. We booked the train up as a last minute decision, which cost about 27 euro each way. At the time, we were staying with my brother in Ca Savio, across the Venetian lagoon. We had spent a week chilling on the beach but we were starting to get itchy feet. It turned out to be the best decision of the trip.

View from the castle
Sirmione, looking over to Garda. View from the top of (another) castle

I had booked a hotel which, when I called them, had no recollection of our booking and were completely rude unhelpful.  So, we began searching for rooms elsewhere and found a cheap and cheerful two star hotel which felt like luxury after spending a week in a tent getting eaten alive by tiger Mosquitos. It was called Hotel Primavera and the staff were lovely and helpful, the room was clean, the air con worked and the bed was comfy. If you are not fussy about accommodation then I can recommend this place, and you probably won’t find cheaper at Lake Garda, at 70 euros a night.

Beautiful Sirmione

Apart from Milan, Desenzano was the only city we visited that was not extremely busy. There were three small pebble beaches by the lake, each lively but not crammed with sun bathers. there was also a nice mix of locals, which helped to make the atmosphere more relaxed, authentic and friendly. Desenzano is to the south of Lake Garda, so we looked onwards to the impressive hills to the north. The water was beautiful and crystal clear, and freezing, which made a nice change to the beach in Ca Savio which felt like getting into someone’s leftover bath.

Beach on the north-east of Sirmione

From Desenzano you could get the ferry over to a beautiful town in the middle of the lake called Sirmione, for only 3 euro. It was more crowded than Desenzano, but the beaches were even prettier.

I always knew I wanted to visit lake Garda but I had no idea how impressive and beautiful it is until I eventually saw it with my own eyes.


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