The Roman Forum
Vatican City and St Peter’s Basilica
Inside the Colosseum

As our trip went on, the temperature crept up. By the time we reached Rome, we had pretty much accepted the constant layer of moisture that sat on our bodies. We stayed in a camping village on the outskirts of Rome called Plus Camping Roma, The place got a fab write up on hostelbookers and so I booked a ‘house tent’ with hopes of staying in the Eurocamp-style tents with separate rooms and a cooker etc. Oh I was wrong. When we found the campsite, we entered a small square tent furnished with no more than a bunk bed, a single bed, two sockets and a light. During the day, it heated up so much that staying inside it felt like some sort of medieval torture device. The campsite itself did have a pool and a reasonably priced restaurant, but it was absolutely packed with alcohol orientated 18 year old Europeans, which made Daniel and I feel like pensioners for going to bed before 1am. I would avoid the campsite in the future, unless you are 16-19 and adore drinking games/organised fun. But then, that’s what Magaluf is for.

As for Rome, needless to say it was wonderful; but you would need weeks to discover it properly. With the help of an (expensive) hop on hop off bus, we got to see a little more than what we could have managed by foot. Our stay at the shit campsite was saved by the experience of standing in the middle of the Colosseum, overwhelmed by the thousands of years of history that happened within its walls.


the Colosseum

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