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Why Independence is a necessity

For a while, I was under the impression that Scottish independence sought only to glorify Alex Salmond’s career as first president of Scotland, and that those who voted yes are those who are letting their heart rule their head with a romanticized vision of a prosperous independent Scotland- a foolish idea, but a natural one to those who love our small country most. Since then, the reality of what independence could bring is becoming transparent. Perhaps our generation will suffer for a while, but I think for the sake of posterity, it is essential that a yes vote is the majority. This is not a matter of nationalism, race or creed. This is politics, but under our so called democracy that is Westminster, Scotland (a largely socialist country) has been governed 8 times since the 50’s by a right wing government that serves only to look after its fellow elite- we didn’t vote for it once. Here, Dennis Curran explains the extent of poverty in Scotland under Westminster which is swept under the rug and it simply must be watched.

I would honestly rather live the next 30 years of my life struggling a little, but ruled by a government who has Scotland’s best interests at heart. An independent Scotland will be fairer than the Oxbridge millionares who ponce around capitalist London, slapping the wrists of the corrupt bankers who ruined our country but at the same time, heavily punishing the most desperate and needy. It has to stop.

This almost moved me to tears.

An incredible speech at a Scottish Parliament Committee made by Dennis Curran from the group Loaves and Fishes.

Any time anyone tells you UKOK you should be showing them this video.

Any time anyone tells you we need the UK to be looking after our welfare system, show them this video.

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2 thoughts on “Why Independence is a necessity

  1. Well, it did move me to tears. That man spoke from experience and from his heart. He tried to tell truth to power. It is ridiculous that a rich nation like Scotland should allow this sort of thing to happen.

    We, you and I and the rest of us, can do a damn site better than Westminster ever did.

    Best wishes

    1. Yes it is certainely a shame that it has come to this. It’s worse that the union be broke up, I am proud to be British, but independence seems like the only way to go, we just need to take a leap of faith.

      Thank you for your comment.

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