Yesterday I celebrated finishing my exams by going through to Edinburgh for the evening with my friends. One of them is just back from her year in Lyon so it was a lovely little reunion too. Edinburgh never fails to impress me. I love Glasgow but it’s just so pretty. Here was my outfit.  

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Why Independence is a necessity

This almost moved me to tears. An incredible speech at a Scottish Parliament Committee made by Dennis Curran from the group Loaves and Fishes. Any time anyone tells you UKOK you should be showing them this video. Any time anyone tells you we need the UK to be looking after our welfare system, show them…

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10 Realities of University

1. Fitting In Without sounding too proud, I didn’t think this would be a problem as I’m generally quite a chatty, confident person. Little did I know that my first day of Uni would be spent floating around some benches, pretending to read a book in the gaps between classes, desperately looking around for others… Continue reading 10 Realities of University


José Mujica: the “antipolitcian”

Forgive me for being so ignorant but I only recently learned of Uruguay’s president and his refreshing approach to being in a position of power. Whilst many Western leaders fiddle with their expenses, have extra-marital affairs and generally lead corrupt lives which benefit their rich comrades and the rest of us suffer the recession, José… Continue reading José Mujica: the “antipolitcian”


Mr Jacobs

I bought my very first big girl handbag last month in New York and needless to say, it’s my baby. I was so tempted to buy other more bold bags, but I chose to be safe as I want it to last me for years. It’s the softest leather and just looks quality when you… Continue reading Mr Jacobs

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Last Night’s Outfit

My brand new shoes which I couldn’t squish into the photo got ruined, as predicted, for a night out in Glasgow is normally a messy affair. Wearing a PVC skirt which squeaks when you walk is also quite the experience. Shoes: Asos Coat: Mango Skirt: Topshop Crop Top: Topshop


ASOS order

    A few days ago, the lovely people down at ASOS were running a ‘50% off 50 items’ promotion which I took full advantage of it. Everything I bought was an absolute bargain, apart from the shoes as they were full price (but they’re soo worth it.) I should have waited and spent my… Continue reading ASOS order