New York


I was fortunate enough to experience the bright lights of NYC over my twenty first birthday, which was as awesome as it was exhausting. If you challenge the city, the city will win. Between the famous landmarks that you feel so familiar with from watching movies, and the rush of people going about their daily business, the days rapidly flew in. The most interesting thing was seeing the residents of NY going to work, having coffee, running in Central Park and generally doing ordinary things… I expected a tacky, pushy town swollen with tourists and companies which seek tourist money, and although were areas which did just that, there were many more which reflected New York as the working city it as. As for being tourists, places like Times Square were obviously dominated by us, but as New York is such a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, it was often difficult to tell who was the native New Yorker and who was the bleary-eyed Brit that just stepped off the plane . I think above all the impressive sights, buildings, and shows we saw, the multicultural and cosmopolitan nature of the city was what captured me most.

That, and, New York men throw around compliments like it’s going out of fashion. You want an ego boost, go to New York.





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